The following timeline is based on observations, interviews and research by scholars on the subject of metahumans.

1916 – During the First World War there were rumors of two German super soldiers, Der Rakete who could fly and Der Panzer that had impenetrable skin. There was never any proof and after the war they never resurfaced.
Another suspected metahuman was Grigori Rasputin, but much like the german metas, it is modern researchers that have speculated that they may have been metahumans.

1941 – There are several accounts from british soldiers of the exploits of a few nazi ├╝bermensch that had peak human or better abilities. Likewise german soldiers reported that there were british soldiers with amazing capabilities, particularly one that went by the moniker the British Bulldog. NOTE:

1958 – The first verifiable case of a metahuman can be found in Africa, though at the time the findings were disputed and never reached the general public. The metahuman was a man that could control vegitation and was in the process of creating an Africa that could sustain it’s inhabitants. The locals called him the Miracle Worker. Unfortunatly he was assassinated and when he died his new plantlife faded with him. No evidence was left that he had ever existed, except for anecdotes from the locals.

1964-1969 – During the Vietnam war the metahuman activity seemed to spike. Most of them were mislabeled as Super Soldiers, and some were indeed created for war, and led to increasingly negative public opinion on the war. The combination of the horrible war combined with the perception that the US and Soviet was experimenting on young soldiers was outragous for most of the people. Historians say that Vietnam was the first testing grounds for what would be known as Meta Warfare.

1977 – The book “Beyond Evolution” is published and with it the term metahuman is coined.

1981 – On the 30th of March the failed assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan coincides with the first appearance of Umbra. As Umbra flies from earth to the skies the satelite readings from the US, the USSR and China register Umbra as a nuclear launch and launch their own nuclear weapons in retaliation. Umbra manages to avert armageddon by absorbing all the radiation from the bombs and telepathically reveals himself to every human on earth. A massive spark of metahuman eruptions occur on this day as well and is known as the 1981 Event or Three-Thirty Day.

1990 – Mythical crime fighter the Raven first appears in New York

2001 – The Raven and his nemesis Loki, the prince of chaos, are both killed in an explosion that brings down the Avery Towers in New York. Numerous civilian casualties including the Avery siblings, Andrew and Margaret, as the they are trapped in the building. A great loss for both the nation and the citizens of New York. This sparks the first real discussion of a Superhuman Registration Act and the need for specialized containment facilities for super-powered criminals.

2011 – The Guardians of Tellus are formed, the first International superhero team that is officially sanctioned by the UN.


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