The metahuman condition

The 1981 Event, or the “three-thirty” as it is commonly known, seemed to erupt a large number of metahumans, the numbers are estemated to be over a hundred on that day alone. It seems that physiological stress was the catalyst that activated these people’s abilities. The metahuman abilities are as a rule somehow related to the incident that caused them to appear. It was believed that there would be significant genetic changes to the metahuman upon activation but curiosly there is no way to perceive the theoretical metagene.

Some metahumans are born as metahumans, adding more confusion to how the metahuman condition works. The working theory is that the metagene exists in some humans but at a different dimension, or wavelength, very close to ours. It cannot be percieved until technology reaches a point were these near-dimensions can be percieved.

Nowadays the term meta or metahuman is also used by the general populace to refer to anyone with extranormal powers, no matter the origin of extraordinairy powers. Scientists use the term metahuman by the criteria presented above. For those that have technological implants, accidental och genetically modified, there are other scientific terms.

Then there is the mystics of the world, they claim that their powers come from mystical sources but these mystics are regarded as delusional by the scientific community. Some fringe scientists claim that the mystics are an older deriviation then the metahumans and they call them the Homo Sapiens Magi.

The metahuman condition

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