The potential for harm from metahumans has led to a ranking system for classifying these powereful potential threats. Over time other non powered exceptional individuals have also been classified within this system.

The scale begins at one and ends at five. It mixes a combination of ability, ambition, organizational ties and prior actions. Roughly it translates in to the following.

Threat level one: Metahumans at this level are gifted with abilities that make them slightly ahead of the general population. Their abilities might be cause of concern so they are to be monitored. A metahuman who has the ability to fly might be a TL1. A normal experienced martial arts master could also be TL1.

Threat level two: Those that are classed as TL2 are more dangerous, they might have multiple abilities or ambition that makes them a menace to a city. If a metahuman has an ability to cause damage that surpasses that of conventional legal firearms then they are TL2. The previously mentioned normal might make it to
TL2 if he had a gang of trained pupils that waged gang wars.

Threat level three: If a meta or norm can threaten a city, through the combination of abilities, allies and will they are classed as TL3.

Threat level four: Generally only metahumans are classed as TL4 or higher but there are exceptions. If a metahuman has the capability to threaten a country they are classed as TL4. The same goes for the metahumans whose powers are capable of mass destruction. Most nations try to monitor TL4 classed individuals as best they are able.

Threat level five: Currently the only TL5 is Umbra, capable of destroying the world.

Note: The classification system can be a bit confusing at times, for example the metahuman villain duo Rant and Rave have capabilities that put them at TL3 but their lack of intelligence and ambition has earned them a place as TL2. The exceptional assassin Headshot has abilities that put him at TL2 at best but he can bring a city two it’s knees (he has done so in the past) and therefore is TL3.


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