After the Second World War the Allies found proof that Germany had made progress in the so-called √úbermensch project. The administrators responsible were sentenced to death for their crimes against humanity but the scientists beneath him were conveniently missing. As an added precaution the UN arranged for the Super-soldier ban, forbidding nations to try to recreate what the germans had. Conspiracy theorists claim that this was simply a smokescreen and that afte the war the US and Soviet were in a Super-soldier arms race.

The first researchers to coin the term metahumans was the team behind the book “Beyond Evolution”. It was published in 1977 and describes how the metahumans were living in the general population. Though regarded as lacking in reliable evidence (the subjects in the book wanted to remain anonymous) the idea sparked the imaginations of several other researchers and the race for finding the first metahuman willing to go public was on.

On March 30th, 1981, a few hours after the assassination attempt President Ronald Reagan the world was changed forever. The tensions were high during the Presidents surgery when american sattelites picked up a highscale nuclear buildup from the Soviet Union and the US had to launch their missiles in retalliation.
The Final War had started and it should have been the end for humanity. Armageddon was averted by the being that inadvertadly started it; the being that would be known as Umbra.
As Umbra stopped the missiles and absorbed all the radiation he mentally communicated with every person on earth! The message was clear – “I will not see another civilization destroy itself. I will protect you, from yourselves if need be and on this world I will be known as the Shadow of Armaggeddon.”

In the aftermath a new world rose, one were an alien god had saved them and would, perhaps forever, protect them. Some were inspired to fight the good fight along him and some saw Umbra and the other new heroes as a challenge and rose to face them. The Age of Masks and Capes had begun.


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