The Guardians of Tellus

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The Story so far

The Heist

A group of merceneries led by the metahuman siblings Rant and Rave use a teleporting hovercraft to rob a bank. Spiral and Spectrum of the Guardians of Tellus stop the robbers and hand them to the police.
The robbers are equipped with personal teleporters and escape police custody later the same day but curiosly Rant and Rave weren’t equipped with said teleporters. They reveal that the mastermind behind the robbery was none other than Spirals nemesis Technorex! Rant also mentions some unknown german commando guy that made him feel uncomfortable. And to make matters more annoying, the robbers had planted one of these teleportation devices in the bank vault and it vanished at the same time as they did.
Spectrum, being a scientist, discovers a way to track the teleportation signatures and Spiral designs the device. They find a deserted Sark Industries facility that Tecnorex aka Anton Sark used for training the mercs. Unfortunatly Technorex seems to have predicted the possibility of a tracking device and had left the compound. They find the vault and see that the Tecnorex had ranscacked the safety deposit boxes.
Our heroes enlist the UNMA agency to try to find out what was in these boxes, a longshot but worth a try. Senior Agent Mikhail Jacobi agrees to help.

A week later

Afer upgrading their own teleportation device on their space station homebase our heroes get a distress call from the police. A human rat broke into the recycling station with some kind of ramshackle device. The duo race to the scene and fight against Pack-Rat and an unknown teleporting sniper. After a few rounds of combat a monstroius semi-intelligent Junkpile comes to life.
Spiral battles with Pack-Rat and Junkpile while Spectrum turns invisible and tries to find the mystery sniper but to no avail. The Sniper and Pack-Rat flees the scene while Junkpile rampages on until GRID agents show up with helicopters and the monster teleports away! Unfortunatly one of the agents manages to destroy most of the evidence with a rocket launcher but Spectrum manages to collect some samples while Spiral talks with the agents.
After analysing the evidence Spectrum comes to two conclusions: Junkpile and Pack-Rat are not naturally occuring metahumans, they are labratory creations bearing the trademark of his nemesis Doctor Shock! It seems that there are two insane masterminds out there that have managed to create methods for teleportation. Could they be working together?

A new recruit

A couple of days after fighting against Doctor Shock’s creations the heroes get a distress call from the Rook, a chicago-based crime fighter, and they teleport to him instantly. There they stop the thug Axeman from assassinating the knocked out vigilante. The fight goes easy, the Rook had almost beaten the villain and had destroyed his Power-Axe. They hand the defeated villain to the police and teleport up to the Eye in the Sky where their surgical staff operate on the Rook.
After the surgery they visit the crime fighter and invite him to join the Guardians. The Rook accepts though doesn’t quite feel that he can compete in the same league as the awe inspiring Guardians.

A web of lies

Trying to find Tecnorex or Doctor shock seems impossible for the Guardians so they resign to wait and see what the next move will be. Meanwhile they investigate a burglary streak against genetical facilities in New York. Someone has been stealing heavy duty equipment for tampering with genes and this or these persons have been doing so without getting caught on security cameras, and they overpowered the security staff without being noticed.
Spectrum and Spiral stake out a couple of high priority targets and get lucky. A new villain reveals himself, the Arachnid, a metahuman with the proportional abilities of a spider! An annoying fight where the webslinging villain is nigh impossible to hit ends with the villain getting away, though they stop him from aqquiring any further equipment.
Afterwards the duo goes into investigation mode, reasearching any metahumans with insect-like abilities on a hunch. It turns out that there have been no documented case of a metahuman having insect or arachnid based powers. However they find out that a company called ActiGen was experimenting with illegal mutagens and all manner of animals. They find a couple of laboratories, but one that stands out when cross-referenced: It was never seized during the international trials for crimes against humanity that ActiGen was accused of.
The heroes notify the police, through Officer Lazarus, the ice-based metahuman police officer and registered super hero mascot. The police arrest a Professor Brock Petersen that was trespassing in the laboratory and the two Guardians must decide how to proceed.

Sub-plots so far

Moore Trouble: MooreCorp and it’s ruthless CEO Maxwell Moore seem to be involved with more than a few illegal activities, including working with Doctor Shock for a teleportation device.

Metahuman Registration Act: There is debates worldwide over the need to register dangerous or active metahumans so they can be held accountable for their actions. This has divided both the hero and metahuman community and could pose as a possible threat if an act was ever passed.

Rival agencies: UNMA and GRID are both agencies that work on metahuman cases and this causes some unhealty rivalry between the two. Since GRID is based in USA and UNMA is international (with the backing of the Guardians) this could turn into a fullblown political crisis.


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